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VOICES OF THE AMAZON is a multimedia project that started in the winter of 2018. Thanks to a crowdfunding I was able to travel to Ecuador and research the subject of the Indigenous view on nature. I had the best example in the people of Sarayaku, who have their feet in the jungle ground and in their hands, a mobile phone or computer. Actually, the people of Sarayaku are an example of long and often succesful history of fighting off companies that threaten the jungle they live in, and they have done that to such success that they have managed to change the law in Ecuador. They call themselves the "People of the Zenith" for that reason.

In my quest for trying to understand how they view nature and what we can (re)learn as Westerners from that way of seeing nature, I experienced a few obstacles like not understanding Kichwa language, feeling a total outsider, the jungle being hostile towards foreigners, and last but not least a chunk of colonial heritage which I felt present staying there, and which hindered me to a considerable degree in understanding my role as a white westerner and the representational issues that come with the production of the work both in shooting and in presenting.

One of the solutions I found is to make them speak for themselves in the form of filmed interviews. These can be viewed on the facebook page Voices for the Planet:

The idea is to make an exhibition out of this work, even if it was intended to be just a first intent of a longer project visiting different indigenous cultures and recording their messages. This will become a larger multimedia project over the years and will receive its own platform.

I do felt like sharing some of the images already as a work in progress. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to send me an email! I would love to hear of your impressions.




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Just a collection of documentary photography made over the years in different corners of the world.